Disruption In Manufacturing

For many decades, manufacturing has been on the frontlines of technology disruption, helping to fuel growth, enable agility, and redefine efficiencies. It is exciting to think about how much this industry has created—not just innovative products, but new jobs, new global supply chains, new business processes, and even new economies.

But as we’ve witnessed over the past 20 years, new technologies, most notably AI, also raise complex questions and broad societal concerns. As we look to a future powered by a partnership between computers and humans, it is important that we address these challenges head-on. How will AI impact employment and jobs? How do we ensure that AI is designed, used, and governed responsibly? This is something Microsoft is deeply focused on as we work to democratize AI for every person and every organization.

Find out how the global workforce will be impacted by big disruptive forces including AI, as well as ideas around how three core groups—manufacturers, employees, and the industry at large (IT companies, large enterprises, educational institutions, policymakers, government, etc.)—can thrive during this massive transformation.


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