A Non Profit Management system that gives a 360 degree view of donor, Volunteer interactions, track their journeys, analyze their profiles and automate campaigns using advanced analytics.

Our cloud-based management system utilizes latest Microsoft technologies and delivers a modern interface that is easy to use for managing your donors, volunteers, Memberships and campaigns all at one place, making it your" go-to" platform for better business operations.

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Donor Management

GiveLife is an innovative solution for non-profits to manage their donors. Donor management helps in managing the donors and donations for the causes your non-profit is aligned with.
With GiveLife donor management system you can create and manage the funds you are working on. In the donor life cycle the donations made by the donors and the funds allocated for each fund.
As a non-profit working on various causes you would want to have a list of all the causes you are working on. 

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Volunteer Management

The Volunteers can be created and managed efficiently using the Give Life. Manage the important features like creating a volunteer record, creating the volunteer opportunities, Project or task assignment, Resource allocation, Resource schedule tracking. 
 And as your non-profit grows, effective volunteer management becomes vitally important and GiveLife helps you do just that.

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Campaign Management

GiveLife enables to create and manage campaigns using the campaign management system.Create various fundraising events using the campaigns and successfully track them. Also create various marketing lists to target your campaign activity to a specified audience group. This allows to successfully execute marketing strategies.

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Membership Management

GiveLife is an innovative solution to create and manage memberships using the Membership Management System. GiveLife Manage various features of membership plans like membership fee, specific membership plans using the subscribe module. With GiveLife you can also provide specialized perks and engagement opportunities for invested supporters a truly mutually beneficial relationship.

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