A Non Profit Management system that gives a 360 degree view of donor, Volunteer interactions, track their journeys, analyze their profiles and automate campaigns using advanced analytics.

Our cloud-based management system utilizes latest Microsoft technologies and delivers a modern interface that is easy to use for managing your donors, volunteers, Memberships and campaigns all at one place, making it your” go-to” platform for better business operations.

Donor Management

GiveLife Donor Management helps to set up and manage donors easily. Once a donor contact is created the system enables users to manage the essential features such as profiles, interactions history, donation history, memberships and subscriptions, fund allocation. The solution also maintains a unified data repository for all donor-related information.

The system allows manual data entry as well as import data by integrating with other sources through – bulk data import functionality. The system also enables the creation of donor portals with self-service functionalities and integration with payment gateways, which allows donors & potential donors to register, make online donations.

 GiveLife helps improve organizational efficiencies and productivity improvement by providing out of box functionality to automate payment-related actions such as automated creation & sending of tax slips, creation of donation records in the system and so on.

Volunteer Management

GiveLife is an innovative solution to create and manage the volunteers using the volunteer management system. GiveLife’s volunteer management system lets you create volunteer registrations & volunteer opportunities. Interested individuals can register themselves as volunteers using the Web site. A volunteer record would be created instantly on the CRM. Individuals can register themselves as volunteers during events and can manually register them as volunteers using the system. Various roles available for volunteers can be posted online and enrolment progress can be tracked within the system. 

Multiple projects with different responsibilities can be created and assigned to volunteers keeping in mind each individual volunteer’s interests, skills, and availability. Scheduling & time management for an individual volunteer can be implemented for each individual project. As your non-profit grows. Effective volunteer management becomes vitally important and GiveLife helps you do just that.

Campaign Management

GiveLife enables to create and manage campaigns using the campaign management system. The system enables the creation of unique target audience lists, track & monitor campaign activities such as emails/calls, and measure the campaign’s success based on metrics that can be defined by users. Additional functionalities include bulk email distribution for campaigns, integration with Outlook/Enterprise email system to synchronize contacts, calendar, tasks and so on. Give Life campaign management is a robust enabler for executing marketing strategies and communications.

Membership Management

GiveLife lets you create and manage memberships using the Membership Management System. It empowers users to create customized membership plans as per the organization’s needs, assign membership fees to each plan. Interested individuals can subscribe to memberships plans of their interest. Using the system, users can obtain a holistic view of all the subscribers at a single location for each plan. The system will enable to send subscription renewal reminder emails, create & provide discounts to privileged members. 

With GiveLife Membership Management, the non profit will not only be able to establish & manage additional revenue stream, but you will also be able to offer additional member privileges and unique engagement experiences, which will help foster a mutually beneficial relationship with invested supporters. 

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