Our Approach

Today, organizations are looking at their data from a different point of view, and are putting analytics – and the useful insights they generate – front and center when designing any system that captures data. A robust data analytics platform capable of delivering real-time, actionable insights can help enterprises improve efficiencies, serve your customers better, find new markets and improve profits!

Our Microsoft data analytics platforms aid you analyze the information and use integrated technology to ensure you always have it at your fingertips. We make sure to provide accurate, real-time data with easy access to further automate and optimize to steer your business forward.

Alphavima’s Data Analytics Journey

The diagnostics is where your needs and requirements are articulated. The Diagnostic starts during the sales process and ends with an accepted proposal. The purpose of this investigative phase is to gather enough information to map your business processes, define your solutions scope, and create your implementation plan.


Then our professional team begins the research process, deep site analysis. We strive to combine all your needs with our technical skills to develop a comprehensive plan.We analyze your business application, integration, data migration, workflow configuration and infrastructure requirements. We evaluate your existing systems to identify any gaps, before designing your implementation plan in detail.


We begin the design process with well-thought-out strategic planning. We outline the specific customization needed to satisfy any identified gaps, while maintaining all standard functionalities. After all system solutions have been mapped out and approved, we begin development.


Our expert team will build and test all approved system components. We complete all code customization, integrations and interfaces, and data migration. This process includes diverse approvals, tests, reviews, and close communication.


Once you are satisfied with the development, we start testing it for deployment. We finalize the configuration of your new solutions. Then we “Go Live”, ensuring a successful transition through installation, documentation and training.

software deployment

Immediately after we “Go Live”, our consulting team will provide you with additional support. If any unexpected issues are present, we’ll resolve them as quickly as possible.

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