Business Intelligence solutions for heavy equipment rental and manufacturing industry that is pre-built and endlessly customizable. Get instant insight into

Real – Time KPI Insights

PREXA’s rental equipment analytics provides insights into every aspect of your fleet for better decision making. PREXA’s intelligent Inmemory gives access to KPIs such as Time Utilization, Financial Utilization, washout percent, Maintenance to income ratios.

Complete Insights

PREXA’s analytics deliver full insights into sales, services, financials, parts, fleet and utilization. Data from through out company from different sites can be accumulated and made to work in cohesion to give valuable intelligence for decision making. Once you have the analytics, you can pinpoint strengths and weaknesses to improve performance throughout the organization.

Alphavima is a member of the most trusted association in the industry which trust PREXA to help their members streamline processes and improve the bottom line while abiding by ARA rules.

Insights That Drive Business
PREXA’s huge array of features retrieves all the right data from any data source and provide it in easily understandable reports at the right time to make better business decisions.

PREXA creates dashboards and reports that give insights into every aspect of your business by combining data from all the systems.


PREXA enables access to reports according to the hierarchy set by your team. Different users have access only to the data they are permitted to see.


PREXA enables to add new data sources, create data models and views along with all the benefits of BI.


PREXA creates reports that shows performance across the company and its sites.

Analytics for Every Department

PREXA provides a quick overview on your important KPIs for the year showing the gross rental revenue, time utilization, OEC % by month-year. To know about more KPIs, simply click on the dashboard and drill down into more in-depth KPI analysis.

Inventory Utilization

Get insights to your inventory by equipment age and model. Get information on the utilization, CAPEX allocation, book value of the equipment available.

Rental Revenue

Want to know how much revenue and capital expenditure incurred over time by customer, site, and machine? You get everything in a single dashboard. You can further drill down to minute details of the information needed.

Rental Days

Get a view of how many days your equipment have been rented to each site, and customer with the ability to drill by time period.

How PREXA Works
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